Fear to switch from window to Linux

Many people fear to switch to a Linux operating system because of the huge differences with Windows.
But their are several reason to switch to linux . i think the most important reason is that linux is a free and open source Operating System and easily available anywhere.

Their are several Reason to switch like
1. Never Crash
Linux has proved to be so reliable and secure that it is commonly found in dedicated firewall and router
systems used by high-profile companies to secure their networks. For more than ten years, it has not
been uncommon for Linux systems to run for months or years without needing a single reboot.
2. Secure and almost Virus Free
it is possible to create a virus to target Linux systems, the design of the system itself makes it very
difficult to become infected.
3. Freedom of Choice
4. Lightweight
5. Standard
Linux itself and many common applications follow open standards. This means an update on one system
will not make other systems obsolete.
6. Well supported
Between an active user community and a variety of commercial support offerings,
help is available for everyone, from novices to advanced users.
7. Learns Alot

So Guys try linux.


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