Google launches Priority Inbox for Gmail, now sort your mails

Handling Important mails Inbox is a big task and you can get more 50 email as a spam  in a week.

To avoid this, google launches Priority Inbox beta. Now you get through your email faster.

Emails are so massively used for so many occasions, and while some people might receive one or more forward emails or emails from old friends , but youngsters like us always have our emails bombarded with tons of important mails, and zillions of craps. It’s not like the ‘spam mode’ is not working, but some emails are still legit emails that we want to read. But they’re not that important and that you don’t want to read them immediately the first thing when you reach office .

Google’s latest Priority Inbox analyse

  • how often and how much you’ve read email from the sender before
  • how much you’ve communicated in reply and other factors, and uses that info to organize the inbox.

Early reports seem to indicate it all works pretty well after some testing.

So Guys Try Priority Inbox Beta to avoid missed important emails.

Get through your email faster


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