Wowd: A Faster, More Powerful Way to Explore Facebook

Bascically Facebook is  “a social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and coworkers.” True enough, but there’s two basic problem: For a newbie ,its very complicated for him to understand the facebook interface.the second one is :The more friends, family, and coworkers you communicate with, the less efficient Facebook is. That’s because it offers surprisingly few features for navigating your way through the surging sea of updates you get if you have more than a handful of connections. Once an item scrolls off the front page of your news feed, more chances  that you’ll never see it again. And interesting news got lost.

Enter Wowd, a real-time search engine that aims to help Facebook be better at living up to its own mission. It’s introducing a new version with something it calls a “social discovery client for Facebook” today. I got a sneak peek before it opened the tool up to the masses.

You use Wowd in your browser, so it feels like a Web service. But it’s really something increasingly rare: a piece of (free) downloadable software, available in versions for Windows, Macs, and Linux. But not for Ubuntu user. Both the app and its data are stored on your computer rather than in the cloud. (More on that in a bit.)


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