Experience of New Distro of Symfony 2.0.7

Symfony 2 is rapidly changing at very fast speed. With a two month, Fabien have released almost 4 versions of Symfony2. You will  enjoy coding more, if  you will use this  framework.

Fabien had corrected his mistake that he  did in Symfony2.0.0. In Symfony 2.0.0, fabien had forget to include admin bundle and their has been some problem of  mapping like one to many relation . But in Symfony2.0.7, he corrected.

ohh i forget to tell you  the best part of the version released after symfony2.0.0 is that Installation, configuring symfony2 on local machine or configuring database, you felt  someone is sitting near to you and telling you  the instruction.

Another best thing about symfony2  framework is his command line interface. its damm awesome.

Thanks Fabien for giving this lovely framework.





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