what is Ubuntu Tweak and How to install in Ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu Tweak is a application to config Ubuntu easier for everyone. It is a very useful application for newbie.

It provide many useful desktop and system setting. You  can easily install up-to-date of various application.

You can easily change your source list and also clean you kernals,cache very easily .

The application contain categories:

  • Application
  • Startup
  • Desktop
  • Personal
  • System

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Accidentally found out a new feature of Ubuntu:hover audio preview

Basically I m using Ubuntu 10.04 and just shifted from window to Ubuntu. By accidentally found out a new feature that is on hover any audio file ,it will play the whole song.

Basically it’s an audio preview. Think of it as a thumbnail for sound files. Very useful for determining the content of an audio file with a cryptic name , but it’s not a replacement for the player.

This feature is very help to recognize the song and i think in future window will implement .

How to do SSH port Forwarding

Guys you are thinking, what the hell is SSH and port forwarding…….
Basically ssh stands for Secure Shell and it works similar to other shell. Now, you are thinking why we called him secure because it encrypts the entire communication session. When you enter your login and password they are encrypted before being sent. Likewise, everything you type and everything that comes back to you is encrypted as long as you’re within that SSH session.
Port forwarding:It is a combination of routing by port combined with packet rewriting. A convention router examines the packet header and dispatches the packet on one of its other interfaces, depending on the packet’s destination address. Port Forwarding examines the packet header and forwards it on to another host (after a little header rewriting) depending on the destination port.

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