Top 5 Symfony2 Bundle

In a small time Symfony2 is on the top position among the huge list of php frameworks. Fabien has tried to make the framework fast,pure OOPS oriented and flexible.Last year i started my working life and got a chance to learn symfony2. In Symfony2, every project is tight coupled in the form bundle. So the top 5 bundle that every symfony2 developer should use:

  •  FOSUserBundle:- this is the best bundle for those who want  to manage user management in their application. A best alternate of sf guard for those people who wants to  migrate their project from symfony1.4 to symfony2.
  • FOSFacebookBundle:-Integrate the Facebook Platform into your Symfony2 application.
  • SonataAdminBundle :- Admin generator
  • FOSRestBundle:-This Bundle provides various tools to rapidly develop RESTful API’s with Symfony2
  • AsseticBundle