Goa Trip 2006 (my Unique Memories)

When i was in 12th. Our school had organized a trip to Goa.
We were around 100 people and we started our journey from New Delhi to goa by goa express at New Delhi
station. I and few of my friends are too excited about this trip.
All the day we were sharing the jokes, making fun with each other and memorizing our old days.

At night, around 9’o clock we reached at Bhopal and from the station i bought two
bottles of mountain dew. When i reached to my seat i saw everyone was too tired ,one of
my friend switched off the light of my boogie and it was too dark
one of my friend has steel glasses and he poured the mountain dew into the glasses.

Suddenly one of our junior came and thought that we are drink alcohol, i said to him do u
want to drink and he replied no . but forcibly we gave him a drink, after drinking the mountain dew
he ran away. Then we told the whole incident to our class teacher, then she told us to go back to seats.

After some time we saw …our class teacher had caught the junior boy and coming to us.
Suddenly teacher started scolding us and him. Teacher said to junior guy that these three
will be blacklisted from school and you also. The junior guy started crying and said madam
please forgives me.
I will never repeat this mistake again. Then suddenly we 3 and madam were shout bakra…..