Cloud Computing making our life easier

Today we live in the world where we get the information of anything within a sec.
When i was in 6th standard class,Internet was a magic for me. i remembered that to transfer a document from one machine to another machine, we needed a floppy.

Today we have a power to organize or store data online in a big quantity. i hope you are not getting bored. Lets talk about Cloud Computing

First of all What is Cloud……..
The cloud is not the Internet, nor is it any non-server hosted service such as webmail. Software-as-a-Service (SasS) is how you define this type of technology. SaaS is the vehicle that will lead you to β€œthe cloud” which will result in freed dependence on hardware.

Now you understand the term Cloud….
The Management of data for IT Professional is a biggest challenge.
That’s Why Cloud Computing making IT professional Life Easier
The reasons are :-
1.Easy backups
4.Reduced cost

Amazon is one of the biggest company that uses this technology.

Cloud based file syncing and sharing services :

Cloud based document processors : Docs

Cloud based Operating Systems :
1. eyeOS
2. Cloudo

Cloud based music sharing services :