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Checklist before you upgrade your symfony2.0 to symfony2.1 version

Symfony upgraded version comes with lot of fixes issue. They have added lots of new features but i felt disappointed in terms of performance. The performance has been falls around 30 to 40% in symfony2.1 version.

The following things has been changed:-

1. Doctrine

The DoctrineBundle is moved from the Symfony repository to the Doctrine repository. Therefore you should change the namespace of this bundle in your AppKernel.php:

Before: new Symfony\Bundle\DoctrineBundle\DoctrineBundle()
After: new Doctrine\Bundle\DoctrineBundle\DoctrineBundle()

2. HttpFoundation

Locale management was moved from the Session class to the Request class.

Configuring the default locale


default_locale: fr


default_locale: fr

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Top 5 Symfony2 Bundle

In a small time Symfony2 is on the top position among the huge list of php frameworks. Fabien has tried to make the framework fast,pure OOPS oriented and flexible.Last year i started my working life and got a chance to learn symfony2. In Symfony2, every project is tight coupled in the form bundle. So the top 5 bundle that every symfony2 developer should use:

  • ¬†FOSUserBundle:-¬†this is the best bundle for those who want ¬†to manage user management in their application. A best alternate of sf guard for those people who wants to ¬†migrate their project from symfony1.4 to symfony2.
  • FOSFacebookBundle:-Integrate the Facebook Platform into your Symfony2 application.
  • SonataAdminBundle :- Admin generator
  • FOSRestBundle:-This Bundle provides various tools to rapidly develop RESTful API’s with Symfony2
  • AsseticBundle


Experience of New Distro of Symfony 2.0.7

Symfony 2 is rapidly changing at very fast speed. With a two month, Fabien have released almost 4 versions of Symfony2. You will  enjoy coding more, if  you will use this  framework.

Fabien had corrected his mistake that he  did in Symfony2.0.0. In Symfony 2.0.0, fabien had forget to include admin bundle and their has been some problem of  mapping like one to many relation . But in Symfony2.0.7, he corrected.

ohh i forget to tell you  the best part of the version released after symfony2.0.0 is that Installation, configuring symfony2 on local machine or configuring database, you felt  someone is sitting near to you and telling you  the instruction.

Another best thing about symfony2  framework is his command line interface. its damm awesome.

Thanks Fabien for giving this lovely framework.




How to make a twig extension in symfony2

Twig is a the flexible, fast, and secure PHP template engine.

I started  using twig since i found this in symfony2.

I was trying to use split function of php in twig but i was not able to split a text.
So i started to¬†implement twig¬†filter. In this tutorial I’m going to make a simple Twig extension.
First we have to write a twig extension.
Step 1: Create a Extension Folder in the Bundle
Step 2: Create a php file in Extension Folder called MyTwigExtension.php

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